Tashi delek and welcome to our page. This site is dedicated to the Sacred Arts of Tibet Tour based out of the Gaden Shartse Monastery in South India.

Above are links to our tour dates and further information about

our monks and our purpose.

Below are pictures of our monks and of our monastery. Thank you and enjoy!


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Other potential empowerments:

Please contact LOBSANG WANGCHUK if you are considering these:
Maitreya, Zambala, Palden Lhamo, Dukar, 3 wrathful Deities Vajrapani, Hayagrive and Garuda, and Lama Tsong Khapa purifation and healing.

Upcoming Tours

Tentative Dates

Aspen Co. July 1st thru July 14th
Carbondale Co. July 15th thru July 19th
Paionia Co. July 20th thru thru July 25th
Phoenix Az. August 3rd thru August 7th
Sedona Az. August 9th thru August 24th
Omaha(tentatively) August 27th thru September 4th
Norman Ok September 6th thru Sept. 18th
Fort Worth Tx. Sept 20 th thru Sept. 25th
Houston Tx. (University of Houston Clear Lake) Sept. 27th thru Oct. 1st
Grass Valley Ca. Oct. 7th thru Oct. 23rd
San Jose Ca. Nov. 1st thru Nov. 13th (Vietnamese Temples)
East Bay Ca. (Tibetan Community TANC) Nov 15th thru Nov 21st
Encinitas Ca. Dec. 1st thru 12th
SanDiego Ca ( Vietnamese temple) Dec 13th thru 19th

More details coming soon!

Buddha Shakyamuni Mantra