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Wednesday, August 11 
10:30 amLECTURE: OLLI (4215 Arts Village Dr) A Day in The Life Of a Monk (free-program, pre-registration at OLLI)

6:00 pm: Buddha of Long Life  - White Tara

Thursday August 12 
8:30 am & Blessing for Prosperity & Protection  (free program)

10:15 am RITUAL: Smoke Offering, Sang ceremony for Purification & Blessings

Friday, August 13 
9:30 am   Opening Sand Mandala Ceremony (free program)

10:30 am  LECTURE: The Art of Cultivating Genuine Happiness

6:00 pm   EMPOWERMENT:Triple Empowerment of the 3 Deities of Protection:Vajrapani, Hayagriva and Garuda

Saturday, August 14 
10:15 am WORKSHOP: Butter Sculpture (workshop for kids but all ages welcome)

2:00 pm WORKSHOP: The Ancient Art of Healing though Chanting, Mantras & Tibetan Bowls

6:00 pm, EVENING OF MUSIC: The Mystical Arts of Tibet Sacred Music

Sunday, August 15 
8:00 am WORKSHOP: Tibetan Calligraphy and the Beautiful Form of the Tibetan alphabet (All Ages)

10:00 am -12:45p SACRED SUNDAY: Meditation, Sound Healing, Chanting followed by organic catered meal

2:00 pm WORKSHOP: Creating Mini Sand Mandala & Coloring Tibetan Designs @ Sedonya (Sg.don $10 Kids/Adults $20)
6:00 pm RITUAL & CHANTING: Buddha of Purification (Vajravidarin) follow by Tea ceremony

Tuesday, August 17 
9:00 am& PRACTICE: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditations on Patience and Compassion

10:30 am LECTURE: Buddhism: Basic Beliefs, Practices and How to Apply them in Your Life

Wednesday, August 18 
9:00 amLECTURE: What is Tantra?

1:30 pm EMPOWERMENT: Liberation from self: The Blessing Empowerment of Green Tara

3:30 pm BLESSING: in conjunction with Humane Society of Sedona @ Sedonya (Sg.don $20 w/50% don going to shelter)

Thursday, August 19 
9:00 am LECTURE:Buddhist Architecture of Enlightened Art & Sand Mandalas

10:30 am LECTURE:Demons: How to Break Bad Habits, Attachments & Addictions

3:00 pm  LECTURE/DEBATE/CHANT: The Tibetan Monks Dialectical Debate follow by Tea ceremony and Chanting

Friday August 20 
9:30 am Mandala Closing Ceremony  @ Sedonya (a free-to-the-public program)

Friday August 20 


1:00 pm  EXCLUSIVE LUNCH: L'Auberge de Sedona “Lunch with Monks” Fundraising event (tickets & registration necessary)

5:30 pm Opening Our Heart with Loving Kindness: The Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Maitreya

Saturday, August 21 
9:00-11:00 am  Receiving Tibetan Prayers, Blessing from Lama for yourself, loved ones, or pets @ Sedonya by ❤ donation

5:30 pm GROUP HEALING: Ritual Chey Drol for Removing Obstacles

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